Envisioning a more Digital Government experience in America.

Digital Government is a case study which looks at a particular dataset maintained by the US Government and reimagines it’s potential in accordance to Obama’s official Digital Government Strategy

While it is projected that the US Federal Government has more data than Google, it is not utilizing it’s data like Google. I therefore went through the process of unpacking a particular dataset, the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Human Microbiome Project, in order to explore what kinds of new experiences might be possible. 

While mapping out the service blueprint surrounding the NIH's dataset I spoke with several epidemiologists working with government health data, experts in the human micro biome field, and a digital government advocate. 

The interviews helped me to understand how the data would need to be stored and protected, in addition to highlighting opportunities for design touchpoints. The experiences I chose to focus on was an epidemiologist’s research and data modeling portal.

The mapping process revealed that better government data strategies would allow for precision medicine opportunities, more pleasant micro biome collection experiences, more innovative scholarship from epidemiologists, and more informed policy decisions made by the government to support healthier citizens. While only a few touch points were fully designed for this exercise, the potential for a more digital government was made clear.

Service design
Product design
Systems thinking
Visual design

Project Details: 
Individual project / 5 weeks / Professor Aynne Valencia-Brooks / CCA