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Multiple touchpoint design at baggage claim.


(Re)Designing Baggage Claim creates an alternative to the normal experience of waiting for luggage at the airport by identifying multiple touchpoint opportunities.

Interactions between people at airport baggage claim - and between people and their belongings - are  full of stress, anticipation, and lots of idle time. Through a series of prototyping exercises with storyboards, business origami, and large scale environmental prototypes, we unpacked the experience and determined a few design objectives: identify bags, eliminate idle time, create trust, eliminate the unknown where and when of bags.

The objectives lead us to designing a final solution that integrates a series of independent, yet parallel touchpoints. From our series of test subjects, this became important for the design to be utilized by a wide range of travelers.

2D + 3D prototyping
Service Design

Projet Details: 
A collaboration with Karen Chan / 5 weeks / under professor Chris Risdon / CCA