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Speculating on ubiquitous heirlooms.


Ambient Gaze speculates on a future where heirlooms become intertwined with ubiquitous interactions. 

Technology and social media have strengthened the levels of ambient intimacy between people with continual likes, photo sharing, pokes, and notifications - so much so that the death of a person can be felt even more profoundly than ever before. 

The final outcome is a concept video which depicts the potential use of 'Ambient Gaze' as a memorial to the deceased. It assumes that eye scanning will become a common part of our future and therefore when a loved one dies, their scanned eyes could remain and interact with the living in personal spaces.

Film production
3D prototyping

Projet Details: 
A collaboration with Sida Li /2 weeks / under professor Dr. Kristian Simsarian / CCA