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A human transportation experience of Hyperloop.


Pulse considers Elon Musk's Hyperloop and overlays it with agricultural infrastructure to further the traditional transportation narrative.

After research on how new forms of transportation have influenced culture and interviewing a range of commuters, we came to the conclusion that the Hyperloop needed to offer more than just helping people get from SF to LA hyper fast. Considering the fact that the routes go through fertile farmlands, and most commuters struggle to complete basic family errands, we combined the two and created Pulse. With the service overlay, Pulse stations become food and culture hubs and commuters can track their carbon footprint on a more nuanced scale; transforming the commute into a value aligned experience. 

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Tranportation design
Systems design
Human-centered design

Projet Details: 
A collaboration with Lizzie Garrett and Karen Chan. Project mentor Scott Nazarian. IxD Foundations, professor Dr. Kristian Simsarian